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Li’s Thread Painting

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

thread painting of my sister

This is the first thread painting of someone other than me… tho containing the same blood, sisterly blood so still a good target. This is also the first one I don’t like… It looks like her but I really don’t like the teeth… So I didn’t plan to share it, but now I would like some feedback, what do you think? Should I do one with her mouth shut?

Thread Painting of movement

I am writing a class on drawing the figure and I came across an article about Constable who mostly drew nature and most passionately, water. He talks about life being movement, how, when painting the ocean, each wave and trough is a memory – the shifting form of it making the artist REMEMBER the shapes. Now we have cameras to remember, but still, we, as artists, need to revel in our visual memory.

So I took a movie (you gotta love the Macintosh with the built-in movie camera) of me flinging my noggin around with an essence of thoughtful abandon (I hoped) Then drew it. As you can imagine, this was not as easy to draw as it was to do… then, and I stitched it… Do you get the feeling of moving, of me being alive?

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