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The Angel Goddess for your Tree!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

The Angel Goddess Pattern by LisaLi Hertzi


This doll and her counter part, “Mini Girl”, a delightful feisty angel with doll pin and ornament possibilities, are available as a 9 page full color pattern.  This pattern is great for beginners as well as more advanced sewers, letting the creator start simply or delve into the fun of creating a highly embellished, gussetted and otherwise amazing doll!

You are the creator and will delight in the three (3) different breast possibilities.  No doll turns out the same, your creativity is the boss!

The Angel Goddess by LisaLi Hertzi E-Pattern
9 page pdf
$8.00 USD  (You will receive the pattern in an email within 24 hours)

Happy Holidays and Make Stuff!

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A note to our friend Pam and her Ragdoll Cat

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

laRGE and small kitty

All cats are different...


While visiting Pams lovely new home, we could not help but notice the giant, rug-like thing that was taking up most of her kitchen table.  I ambled over with my beer in one hand and reached out to touch the silky fur with the other when 2 large blue eyeballs flashed up from what I thought was the furry depths, then quickly closed.  I noticed the purr then, “ah, my, but that is a large cat…”  He is the Jupiter to our little, Ragdolls Pluto, the Hummer to her Mini, the whale to her guppie… You get it.  All Ragdolls are not the same but all Ragdolls are beautiful!

Thanks to Pam for this foray into silliness on a Sunday, love ya!  Later, LI

Thank you Steve Jobs

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Li with her first Mac Plus


Li with her first Mac Plus

From the first time I played with Hyper Card and MacPaint on my Mac Plus at Rola Kimmerling in the 80′s I was hooked on Macs. Even back then, the creative possibilities seemed endless and more importantly to me at the time… it meant that I did not have to worry about the angst of paste-up, the “and” that fell off the board cause I didn’t wax it well enough, the slick that landed under the drawing board, got stepped on and had to be re-out-put on a tight deadline, nope it was all in the box!

Thank you Steve for your bravery and innovation, for your ability to bring your vision into reality, and for making it easy to be an artist AND love a computer!


Women’s Art Retreat in Lovely Cuyahoga Falls!

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Come Join us for a 3 day retreat/creative frenzy with amazing artists: Wanda Montgomery, Annie Morgan, Mo Mosyjowski and Me… If I wasn’t teaching this, I would definitely be attending!

sugarplumscary doll

I will be teaching my Sugar Plum Scary Class, a no-sew doll that not only gets your creativity going full force, but also allows for an easy way to let your friends know what you are REALLY thinking!

You will learn:

  • The finer points of wielding your glue gun with accuracy, confidence and the best results.
  • How to construct a two sided stump doll without ever picking up a needle.
  • Using your sketch book to preview your ideas and access those deep hidden creative nuggets.
  • A fun way to string hair so it will look stylishly beaded.
  • How to find the face of your dark and wickedly funny side and the contrasting mug of that ever-present sunny side of yours.
  • A little about the history of the fertility and ceremonial dolls of Ndebele and their uses and meanings.
  • Unfettered embellishing with all that stuff you have left over from your many art and craft adventures, and some basic beading skills as well as scrap quilting collage.
  • And finally you will end up with a doll that can quietly, without a single syllable said, announce your mood to the world at large and bring a smile to almost any face.

Go to their website for info on the rest of the presenters, the accommodations and the sign-up sheet!


Enjoy the day and stitch, stitch, stitch away!  Li

The Show Is Closing….

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

… Ah… A sad not-morning person…

Thank you to all who visited the creatures and folk at the Canton Museum of Art!  It has been such an honor for me to share the galleries with the reveried Ladies of A Celebration of Women in the Arts Director’s Choice II.  If you are in OH near Canton, rush on down to the museum this weekend Saturday from 10 – 3 or Sunday 1 – 5.

Li Hertzi, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Artist

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The Opening was wonderful!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The opening was so much more than I expected, so many more people and so much more smiling and laughing!  Art is not that serious!  (Thank God) One of the coolest things was that they had ipods with audio commentary for each artist.  Its like little Canton has flown into the big time!  Here is what they had to say about me – wow!

As I was very engaged during the 2 hours so i didn’t take any pictures during the event,  but here is a view of the entry into “my” gallery.

Entry into the Li Hertzi Art Doll Adventures Show

Entry into the Li Hertzi Art Doll Adventures Show


The show right outside my little room is Pat Parker’s large, abstract “homage to women art pioneers”.  It is perfect to see the massive canvases and then walk into my little room full of little things!


Li Hertzi Show in 2011

Li Hertzi Show in 2011

This is a view of the right side of the room featuring “Mendenfall rises again”  my totem in honor of the 4 squirrel bodies evicted from our chimney last year in various stages of decomposition by the intrepid David Mendenhall.  They have, we are sure, risen again as you will note when you see the glowing nut in the wiry paw of our sainted MendenFall.

Daddy looking at the show
Pappa Joe, perched in a CMA wheelchair for convenience more than need, admires the installation

Pappa Joe, who said he would never go to the museum and sit in a wheel chair, succumbed and ended up having a wonderful time without getting too worn out, and it didn’t, in any way, hamper the receiving happy kisses or friendly greetings that delighted him to no end!

Tho it was confronting to see the tag next to my mother’s big painting of the Road to Eldora in the permenant collection reading: 1931 – 2011, I felt squarely and happily in my element!

Thank you to all who made it a delightful evening.




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The Show at the Canton Museum of ART is opening this weekend!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Gracie looks at art

Well the show is almost up!  Gracie, my niece, was here last week checking out the fiber beings in the museum.  “wow Aunti Li, this one is weird”  I am taking that as a Good thing.

The show info is below:

A Celebration of Women in the Arts
May 21 – July 24
A Celebration of Women in the Arts: Director’s Choice II

The formal membership opening is June 16 from 6 to 8.

This show is dedicated to my mother, Judi Hertzi, who passed away last Wednesday.

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Were you wondering about thread like I was?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Picture of Spools of Thread

Well, maybe not, but you just never know!  I have been experimenting with thread painting and found that I really don’t know much about that tactile delight that we spin into our machines.  So I went hunting for info and I didn’t have to go far as I had just received Melody Crust’s Newsletter and found the following:

Things you should know about thread

1. Cotton is the only 100% natural fiber thread made especially for sewing machines. It can be a bit linty, so clean your machine frequently when using it.
What to look for: extra long staple thread that is very smooth with-out bumps on the spool.

2. Rayon thread has a high sheen, and is both soft and heat resistant. Unfortunately, it’s not colorfast and neither as strong nor as durable as polyester.
What it does: 30 wt. is intended to show and 40wt. has a subtle sheen.

3. Metallic: There is a huge range of quality of metallic threads.
Best when: used with a polyester bobbin thread, a Metallic needle and a lower than normal bobbin tension.

4. Polyester: is strong, durable and is available in a broad range of colors. Sizes range from very thin to very thick.
Advantages: strong, durable and color fast, with either a matte or a sheen finish. Most are virtually lint free.

5. Silk: Great thread!
What to look for: 100% pure filament silk.

6. Monofilament: Use only polyester monofilament. It will not yellow over time or melt easily.
What to look for: comes in clear and smoke colored.

Posted by Melody Crust at 9:04 AM

Go quick to Melody’s Blog where you will find a bunch of other  cool stuff!  Melody

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Important Buddhist Thought and Great book for summer crafters

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

“If you’re not a Buddhist you think there are Buddhists and non-Buddhists,
but if you’re a Buddhist you realize everybody’s a Buddhist — even the bugs.”

Shunryu Suzuki

Our family has a Zen Calendar purchased because… well… it had nice graphics and it was on sale at Borders. Now, every morning as we sit down at the table and enjoy breakfast, we are each happy Buddhas.

Now, while you are appreciating the bugs, the birds, the growing grass, and the weird guy in the car next to you, my little buddhas, check out this cool book!  The Crafters Devotional, 365 days of Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit, by Barbara R. Call (with the able assistance of 365 or so crafters full of great ideas!)

On page 107 for a Tuesday on day 121, you will find my scrappy color wheel.  This is a really great  project for getting rid of your stash in a delightful way or playing with your pallet to discover a new color combo!  Try it and shoot me a pix!

Also, on page 113 is my Petroglyphs art from the EarthSky Man class.  I love petroglyphs – symbolic juice!  Check them out.

Have an interesting day!

Another Effort to Spook the Spam…

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Although some of the comments I have received – full of truly nasty and often bizarre pictures – could be inspiration for a doll, I am not ready to go down that dark alley.  So, if you want to comment, you must sign in. But while you are filling out the forms and declaring yourself neither nasty or bizarre, enjoy this Spam Moment.

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