The Opening was wonderful!

June 18, 2011 at 5:31 pm , by artdolla

The opening was so much more than I expected, so many more people and so much more smiling and laughing!  Art is not that serious!  (Thank God) One of the coolest things was that they had ipods with audio commentary for each artist.  Its like little Canton has flown into the big time!  Here is what they had to say about me – wow!

As I was very engaged during the 2 hours so i didn’t take any pictures during the event,  but here is a view of the entry into “my” gallery.

Entry into the Li Hertzi Art Doll Adventures Show

Entry into the Li Hertzi Art Doll Adventures Show


The show right outside my little room is Pat Parker’s large, abstract “homage to women art pioneers”.  It is perfect to see the massive canvases and then walk into my little room full of little things!


Li Hertzi Show in 2011

Li Hertzi Show in 2011

This is a view of the right side of the room featuring “Mendenfall rises again”  my totem in honor of the 4 squirrel bodies evicted from our chimney last year in various stages of decomposition by the intrepid David Mendenhall.  They have, we are sure, risen again as you will note when you see the glowing nut in the wiry paw of our sainted MendenFall.

Daddy looking at the show
Pappa Joe, perched in a CMA wheelchair for convenience more than need, admires the installation

Pappa Joe, who said he would never go to the museum and sit in a wheel chair, succumbed and ended up having a wonderful time without getting too worn out, and it didn’t, in any way, hamper the receiving happy kisses or friendly greetings that delighted him to no end!

Tho it was confronting to see the tag next to my mother’s big painting of the Road to Eldora in the permenant collection reading: 1931 – 2011, I felt squarely and happily in my element!

Thank you to all who made it a delightful evening.




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